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What is a Triathlon? 

It's fun, that's what it is.

Barnes Fitness can help you unlock the secrets of triathlon through a customised online coaching programme.

Your personalised training is supported by Training Peaks, software used by top athletes throughout the world to track their training and race performance. 

You'll be coached by Ellie, a Great Britain age group triathlete and Level 2 British Triathlon Coach who is ready to share her wealth of knowledge with you whether you are a novice or already have a triathlon CV.

Ellie has learnt the benefits first hand of having an experienced coach and highly advocates 1:1 coaching you will experience.

The beauty of Training Peaks is that you can be based anywhere and stay in constant contact with your coach and for just £79/month + £50 one-off set up fee you’ll quickly see the benefits.

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Triathlon training

Phill Robinson Windsor

Whilst I had always run on my own, I had little experience of a proper training regime to get me through. A friend recommended Ellie, and she's been an unbelievable coach. Throughout a truly awful winter Ellie has been there, providing training, support, advice and guidance.

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Ellie can help people at all levels from those training for their first triathlon through to those competing at an International level.

We can also offer group training sessions tailored to your needs – i.e. a group open water swimming or transition session.

Ellie offers a FREE INITIAL PHONE consultation…

CONTACT ELLIE HERE for more information today or to book your slot.

a triathlon trainee 

Last year you helped me with some training on transition with a bit of a lake swim as well which was awesome.  The Team doing this year’s event would like a similar session as they are very keen but are all nervous.