Run Happy

Celebrate International Day of Happiness and "Run Happy"

Did you know that 20th March is International Happiness Day and it also marks a year to the week since the initial Lockdown restrictions started in the UK.

Do you love running? Have you found happiness in running in 2021? Do you love to run happy? Do you run just for the running sake of running and how happy it makes you feel?

Then, we have a challenge for you....

  • 2km
  • 5 km
  • 10 km OR
  • Half marathon

Complete anytime Friday 19 - Monday 22 March to mark International Happiness Day and earn yourself a wonderful medal as memento of your Run Happy times in 2021!


Prices exclude 5% processing fee

Online entry closes at 11.59pm the Thursday before the Friday event. 

1. What time frame do I have to complete the event?

2. Can I run any course?

3. Where & how do I upload my result?

4. Do I have to use Strava?

5. When will I receive my medal?

6. Will there be any prizes?

7. What is the minimum age for the events?

8. Is there an option to not have a medal?

9. Can you recommend any running coaches?

"Thanks for being the motivating reason behind my huge back to running in 2020 ...Strava says my most kudoed activity was my August 10k ??"


Our Partners

I love entering these virtual races – really gives me something to get up in the mornings for!  I nearly put it off this morning as it was so cold but I got myself up and out and just got it done ?