Run 2021 2

Run 2021

MAKE 2021 YOUR BEST RUNNING YEAR YET – 12 months, 12 challenges, your way

The ever changing world we are living at the moment can easily impact our exercise habits, consistency and routines can't it...??

That's why we have partnered up with Elite Conditioning to come up with  a challenge that will help you bring lifestyle change, build a routine and consistent training.

We have SO many options for you to choose from ranging from the ultimate of Running 2021 miles in 2021 to Running 1 mile a day a month.

Suitable to all levels of runner from beginner, seasoned or experienced runner, the challenges are accessible to all as you pick the level that is right for you. You can start with a smaller monthly target and build up throughout the year.

All challenges are adaptable. If the challenge feels too easy, make it harder. If there’s no way you can complete the challenge, adjust it in your favour. 

The MEDALS are AMAZING - complete each of your monthly challenges (12 in total!) and you'll have your hands on an interlocking circle of one HUGE MEDAL. You will also receive a PERSONALISED iTAB with each medal every month - stating your name and distance covered each month.

And it's not just sign up and run - you have the option to join Run 2021 Facebook group with weekly motivational posts, guest running expert speakers, exercises demonstrations and advice to keep you focused, motivated, healthy and injury free during 2021.


Different one for each month

Date & Time: 

Throughout the whole of 2021


Wherever is most suitable for you


£21 a month

Prices exclude 5% processing fee


High quality interlocking horoscope themed medals. Collect all 12 and you'll complete the circle.

Contact us:

07872 805883

Email us:


Simple, fast and effective flexible move.

£21 per month

  • Amazing medal posted direct to your door
  • Personalised medal iTAB
  • An interactive and easy uploading process via Race Nation 
  • Online support – option to join Run 2021 Facebook group with weekly motivational posts, guest speakers, exercises classes and advice to keep you focused, motivated, healthy and injury free during 2021.

One persistent runner...

All done! Nearly talked myself out of my run tonight but in the end enjoyed the run in the rain to take me just over 100 miles for the month! Thanks for organising! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Monthly challenge options

Run 200 miles

Run 150 miles

Run 100 miles

Run 200km

Run 150km

Run 100km

Run 5km a day

Run 1 mile a day

21 minutes of fitness a day

What time frame do I have to complete the challenge?

If you are signing up for the monthly challenges, then you have each calendar month to complete each monthly challenge.

If you are signing up for the annual challenge, then you have from 1 January 2021 until 31 December 2021.

 Can I run any course?

Yes, you can run any route/course you choose.

Where & how do I upload my runs and activities?

This will all be done via your RaceNation account (which you'll set up when you enter). The RaceNation App makes it very easy to upload your results too. 

Please follow instructions here depending on what platform you use.

Do I have to use Strava?

No, you can track your run on any device or use the manual timing option on the RaceNation app.

We have set up a Strava "Run 2021" Club though for those who wish to join.

When will I receive my medal?

Within 3 weeks of finishing each month's challenge. With the exception for JANUARY, as Chinese New Year celebrations close all manufacturing in China for 2 weeks at the end of January, so the January medals will be sent out towards the end of February.

What is the minimum age for the challenges?

There are none!

Can you recommend any running coaches?

Most definitely, our event partner; Karen at Elite Conditioning knows a thing or two about running.....

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