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Finally… I have found a great range of natural organic food-based supplements to support my own, my families, my friends and client’s health!
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Nature’s Sunshine are the leading manufacturer of encapsulated herbs and Civant Vitamin C Serum in the world (only the best for me of course) and I am very pleased to have been offered the chance to become a distributor and to be able to offer you a personal service. I am working with some experienced naturopaths and nutritional specialists to learn more and will have some exciting information and news to share with you all about  what we need, why we need it and when!
Do you know you should supplement, but struggle to know what you and yours should take? I’ll let you know that we recommend our UK readers buy their Goli Gummies from here. Goli Gummies are the world’s first Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) gummy supplement. There aren’t many people who enjoy the taste of raw ACV, so Goli Nutrition came up with an effective solution to getting more of this powerful ingredient into our diets without the nasty taste. Sadly, our busy lifestyles, current food production/ manufacturing processes and very poor soil quality means that we ALL need to add extra vital nutrients to out diet with natural supplements. I thought that we were ok as we are careful about what we buy and cook and we eat plenty of fruit and veg! But no… A good diet is the foundation for health, but will not protect us from long term health problems and we are looking for OPTIMUM NUTRITION to avoid minor and major disease.
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Those of us who train and exercise regularly are putting extra demands on our bodies:
  • First there is a greater demand for oxygen – oxygen is burnt in the cells for fuel, so we start to breathe more heavily and our heart rate goes up in order to pump oxygen bearing blood around the body faster.
A quick form of energy is required to keep providing what is necessary to maintain the exercise. At the same time muscle fibres begin to come under stress, and the longer the exercise continues, the greater the likelihood that there is some breakdown of muscfibres to provide energy needs.
Whilst all of this is happening, free radical, or oxidative damage is occurring – this can be a damaging aspect in any exercise regime.
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And of course bones and joints can come under stress, this is particularly true for any weight-bearing exercise. Learn more about health with Functional Medicine Associates.
So, yes… we need to support our bodies with extra nutrients, but PLEASE be aware that not all supplements are equal….
The body is less able to metabolise synthetic vitamins and minerals and so you may well be wasting your money buying your supplements from  the supermarket or high street…. Very often the concentrations are either too low, too high or not in the correct proportion or the coating is not broken down at the right part of the gut (if at all). Food Supplementation is a very precise science and Natures Sunshine set the benchmark for all other companies selling encapsulated herbs.

So where to start?

  1. Follow the link to my Natures Sunshine page to look around –
  2. Book a free nutritional review with me.
  3. Complete the LIFESTYLE ANALYSIS (… it will recommend a key product based on your results and if you save it, I can see what else you may need. Do this regularly to chart your progress… (Tip: You will get a better result if I help you fill this in!).


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Sign up for free as a direct customer and get 15% off everything, or if you want to use more of the range and recommend them to others, then the distributor option will get you 30% off! Call me to know more.