Motivating yourself in the Winter….

It’s not uncommon to struggle with motivation to exercise in the winter….here are some of our thoughts/ideas that might help you with motivation:

1. Find a club/group for the sport that you are interested in. We find, exercising with others much more enjoyable than by oneself and also being with others encourages you to a) turn up and b) not to slack!! 

2.If you’re a duathlete, triathlete or cyclist and struggling with the cold whilst cycling – here’s a couple of ideas. Buy/borrow/beg/steal a Turbo Trainer. You can then cycle safely in the comfort of your own home and keep warm!

To keep you motivated on the Turbo Trainer – there are some great videos available online to keep you focused or AudioFuel is something else I have used and you can watch me demonstrating the product here alongside 4 x World Ironman Champion, Chrissie Wellington.

3. Find a coach that can set you a training programme using Training Peaks then you don’t have to think about what to do and you also have accountability to a coach so you are more likely to do it…!

Hope these ideas help?

About the author Ellie Barnes

Ellie is widely qualified and experienced within the fitness industry and she also competes at a high level so she knows at first-hand what it’s like to set demanding goals and achieve them.

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