Got a marathon looming….? Here’s a few things you might want to think about in the last few days (when you should have your feet up and be resting…)

So, you have done the hardwork and pounded the pavements morning after morning, evening after evening…now is the time to think more about the race itself and the logistics involved in actually getting to the start line & beyond… Hopefully these tips below will cover near enough everything you need to consider…


– Are you going to wear to get to the start…? I suggest you wear warm clothes (layers) including things like a Ryderwear sports bra and also have a bin-bag in your kit bag…

– Are you going to wear for the marathon itself? Are you going to get your name printed on your vest? Probably not a good idea to wear new trainers…I learnt this one the hard way…

Not so conventional
Not so conventional


– Are you going to wear after? FLIP-FLOPS are my essential post-race kit bag item along with a comfy hoody!


– Is your coping strategy if you have a moment of doubt whilst running? Counting, looking at the crowd, having a sip of water, remembering how good you felt in your training runs…?

 – Are you going to eat on the day before the race and the day of the raceMy advice is to have a relatively high carbohydrate meal 18hrs prior to the start time of your Marathon – this could be pasta, potatoes, rice, cous cous, sweet potatoes (or whatever carbohydrates you have been training with up until now and your body is used to digesting.) The day before the marathon is not the time to try a new nutrition regime…! The morning of the marathon try and have a substantial breakfast; again, whatever you have been training with – be that porridge, cereal, bananas, eggs… no later than 2.5hrs before the race start. 


– Is going to be supporting you on the course? The more support you can rustle up the better!

– Is your inspiration? There must be someone who has helped you to get this far….or maybe you are running in aid of someone…remembering this person at times around the course will be pertinent…

Ellie with Chrissie Wellington (4 x World Ironman Champion)













– Are your supporters going to be on the course…? I find it a real boost to know where my friends and family are going to be – IMPORTANT TO AGREE WHAT SIDE OF THE ROAD THEY ARE GOING TO BE TOO…so you know which side to look at for them as it is actually easier for you to spot them than them to spot you…. 

– Are you going to meet your supporters after the event? Decide exactly where this is going to be – don’t rely on vague points of reference “in the park”….! Most large city marathons have meet & greet areas for afterwards or alternatively get them to meet you in a nearby pub/restaurant and of course pre-order your celebratory drink!



– Fast are you going to run…? Have your goal pace and stick to it…if you feel strong with 2 miles to go then NAIL IT….
– Are you going to get home after the Marathon? You will undoubtedly feel rather tired and will need to find the most comfortable and hassle free way of travelling home possible….
– Are you going to thank the people who have supported you through this journey? Maybe a celebratory meal a few weeks after the event or a card through their door…?



– Are you doing the Marathon? Everyone has their own reason but remember WHY YOU ARE DOING IT….
– Am I feeling apprehensive…? This is perfectly normal – it’s a big challenge….just focus and control the things that you can control…and the rest will fall into place.



– Are you going to take on your practiced and preferred race nutrition? Don’t fall for the mistake I did on one of my first marathons and accept all the jelly babies and orange slices being offered by supporters around the London Marathon course – I regretted this BIG time…I overdid my calorie intake in a LARGE way!
– Are you going to realise the achievement you have made to just get to the start line…? An incredible feat – don’t underestimate it, go out there – SMILE and BE HUMBLE THAT YOU ARE RUNNING A MARATHON….


About the author Ellie Barnes

Ellie is widely qualified and experienced within the fitness industry and she also competes at a high level so she knows at first-hand what it’s like to set demanding goals and achieve them.

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