Social media is a powerful tool: it can both inspire and influence. It showcases snippets of reality, but it can also paint pictures of unreality. Each person is on their unique journey, and while it’s easy to be inspired by others, the question arises: is it healthy to try and ‘copy’ someone else’s path?

There’s two recent examples of positive inspiration from my own experiences. My friend Penny from Move Eat Yoga stumbled upon my Strava post showcasing a run when she wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about lacing up her running shoes. However, after seeing my commitment, she found the motivation to hit the pavement. I’m a strong believer that even a “bad” run is better than no run at all….do you agree??

Another instance involved sharing a reel from an elite marathon runner, Anya Culling, who higlighted valuable tips on pacing for long runs. My lovely friend, Katy, took this advice to heart and included efforts at her target marathon pace into her subsequent long run. Of course, this advice should be tailored to individual goals, fitness levels, and medical history. The key here is that inspiration can be a positive force when applied appropriately.

To me, it’s crucial how we use social media. It can be a source of positive influence and education, or it can become a comparative tool, fostering a pervasive “I wish I was” mentality. However, navigating this fine line can be easier said than done.

So, what are your thoughts on inspiration? What does it mean to you? Have you experienced positive changes in your life based on someone else’s journey? How do you strike a balance between drawing inspiration and maintaining your own path?

About the author Ellie Barnes

Ellie is widely qualified and experienced within the fitness industry and she also competes at a high level so she knows at first-hand what it’s like to set demanding goals and achieve them.

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