So, I am sat here at 35 weeks pregnant and it is really clear that the end of this pregnancy journey is in sight…or at least I hope it is!!

It really has been an amazing journey to this point and I feel very lucky that I haven’t really suffered beyond the “normal” pregnancy things you have to deal with, i.e. not fitting in to any of your clothes, feeling a tad sleepy past 8pm, having to resign to taking my wedding and engagement rings off as my hands have swelled slightly as well as the medical condition of BabyBrain đź™‚

There have been a few ups and downs following my 34 week midwife appointment and discovering that my blood pressure was on the high side (150/90) whereas it had been stable at 125/80 all the way up until this point. Also the midwife measured the bump at this appointment and felt that it was on the small side so advised us to have another scan. I must admit this did send a little bit of worry into me as the consequences of a high blood pressure and small baby would most likely be a premature delivery… BUT I felt so supported by our midwife who text me several times over the weekend to see how I was feeling and a husband who rallied round and made sure I TOOK IT EASY… I did still go for a gentle swim and a walk and surprise, surprise I felt much better for doing so…and the scan showed everything was as it should be 🙂


Taking it easy is not something that comes naturally to me – but I am slowly adjusting to this concept and realising my limits. Some days I just don’t feel like doing anything, but I am in a very lucky position that I LOVE MY LIFESTYLE and get real satisfaction from helping others Believe to Achieve their sporting and fitness capabilities, so I have stuck to 95% of my commitments including 2 x full days National Childbirth Trust Ante-Natal Courses in among planning and delivering a busy Sports Events schedule, coaching Circuits, Run Club, Reading Rascals Junior Triathlon Club and coaching 6 clients remotely, oh and working towards my final assignment for the Open University module I’m currently working on…  

Ian & I have both learnt OODLES from the National Childbirth Trust course – lots to do with the physical stages of childbirth as well as the emotional, postnatal care, how to change a nappy and how to wind up the grandparents by sending them the below picture welcoming their new grandchild into the world!!


So the next few weeks it is all about doing what my body tells me – that involved sleeping in until 10am yesterday, which is unheard of….even when I was at Uni and had been out the night before I was always the first up and would go for a run and make bacon sandwiches for my flatmates!

Practically, we have everything we need and are getting very excited about meeting the “fidget pot” that has been developing in my belly for the last 9 months..



About the author Ellie Barnes

Ellie is widely qualified and experienced within the fitness industry and she also competes at a high level so she knows at first-hand what it’s like to set demanding goals and achieve them.

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