Do you run, run, run or cross-train?

My thoughts on how cross-training helps running….

Firstly, what is cross-training? Doing other exercise which isn’t running….the list is endless; swimming, cycling, yoga, pilates, climbing, strength work, walking, team sports.

Why do I know so much about cross training?!!

Short story: During 2021 I spent over 10 weeks on crutches/non weight-bearing following two separate leg related issues including an operation and a stress fracture in my hip!

My third run in 6 months…. Saturday 29 January – California Country parkrun – I ran “naked” (without a watch), finished 1st lady/2nd overall (19:38) and set a new VW35 – 39 Age group record……


I cross train….

A combination of swimming (3 times a week – mixture of endurance and intervals), Zwift cycling on the indoor turbo (3-4/a week), weekly yoga with Move Eat Yoga, commuting on my bike to/from First Days Children’s Charity work twice a week (8 mile round trip) and specific strength training that has focused on my weaknesses.

Not to forget 2 – 3 sessions a week of Elite Conditioning Shred and Lift Lean sessions!

I do a lot of this with friends either in person or virtually (chatting on Facebook messenger) to help keep the motivation and keep it fun!!

How did I know what my weaknesses were and how have I worked on them?

Simple answer – by persisting and listening to Andy Cittern-Jones of Resolve2Run . He has worked tirelessly to help me fix some fundamental technique issues. He is always thinking, even when I’m not at my weekly session with him about other exercises/ways of describing what I should be focusing on. Even when I go into a session grumpy as I feel like I’m perpetually dealing with a niggle – he is positive and we work on what I can do to make me stronger and more robust!

It’s not all just run, run, run for me…’s about cross training!

About the author Ellie Barnes

Ellie is widely qualified and experienced within the fitness industry and she also competes at a high level so she knows at first-hand what it’s like to set demanding goals and achieve them.

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