Can Coffee Improve Your Workout?

The Science of Caffeine and Exercise

If you are in athletics, you have probably heard that caffeine is an excellent stimulator to make people train harder. A lot of research has been done to determine whether this is true or not. The most heavily researched sports and training programs include endurance in lifting, football, and other training. Athletes take caffeine in the form of pills commonly diluted in water. Those who cannot get access to the pills get it from energy drinks and coffee. But are these drinks as effective as the caffeine in supplements? Let us find out more about caffeine and workouts.

Effect of Caffeine On Exercise

There are various studies that support an increase in endurance and speed in exercises when people take caffeine. It has to be a substantial amount in the form of pure caffeine. It is also responsible for longer cycling and a better running experience.

One basketball starter was quoted as saying that caffeine makes him jump higher without any strain. Other sports that benefit from caffeine include golf and tennis, both of which require the players to have high energy, even more when they practice a lot, since you can practice golf almost anywhere now a days with impact screens, which you can get at Shop Indoor Golf online.

Common Sources of Caffeine

Although reliable sports enhancement supplements from are the best sources, there are many others. They include the following:

  • Coffee – Almost every layman knows that having coffee gives you some caffeine. The amount may be small, but if you are used to taking it more often, the caffeine levels will go higher per day.
  • Energy drinks – Most energy drinks usually have some amount of caffeine. Just like coffee, these drinks may not have a large amount. It works together with other ingredients in the drink to give a package of enhancement benefits to athletes.
  • Coffee ice cream and snacks – These items may have some caffeine alongside other nutrients. Athletes may find themselves using these food items at one time or another.

Caffeine in Coffee and Its Effect On Exercise

Coffee, being the most popular source of caffeine for most people, can have a positive effect on exercises. Luckily, studies have shown that coffee is an excellent source just like supplements. Thus, people who want to take their cycling, running, and sprinting to another level can have coffee just before they start. It is easily absorbed into the blood and muscles to bring them into action almost immediately.

Since coffee has other ingredients like sugar that add energy and water that that keeps the body hydrated, its immediate effect could be better than using pure caffeine. Seasoned athletes who have been drinking coffee have better performance and endurance in the long run.


Lastly, it is important to mention the downside of using caffeine to increase performance and endurance in exercises. Although the benefits are numerous, you could feel nausea immediately after having caffeine which can affect the training session ahead. Another fear is the distortion of sleeping patterns. You can expect to suffer from a lack of sleep, though this can be improved through other means.

By now, it is evident that you can rely on coffee to improve performance and endurance if fitness is one of your life goals. Athletes also have a lot to benefit from.


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