I often get asked what are my top tips for people thinking about a career change into the Health & Fitness industry as a Personal Trainer. I personally haven’t ever looked back from my days of working in an office as an Executive Assistant. As much as I loved the people I worked with during my “corporate life”, it really just wasn’t what I was passionate about – so knew I had to make the change, nobody else could make that change; but me.

Thankfully I had lots of support from my colleagues and family whilst I transitioned into very irregular working hours and income but in the past 3 years I have helped so many people enjoy the benefits of sport, fitness and exercise – why would I ever go back?????

Nicola Joyce (freelance sports writer, copywriter and journalist) contacted me last year to write an article for Careers in Sport which can be seen here covers my top tips and do’s/dont’s for becoming a Freelance Personal Trainer.

“Don’t rely on a few clients. Develop a large network of opportunities”

Feel free to ask any other questions directly though – always happy to help.


About the author Ellie Barnes

Ellie is widely qualified and experienced within the fitness industry and she also competes at a high level so she knows at first-hand what it’s like to set demanding goals and achieve them.

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