Caught me off the cuff!

Heading into Loddon Valley Leisure Centre yesterday morning (21 Oct) at 7.15am minding my own business, thinking about my workout ahead, in my own little world and then BUMP!

“Excuse me – have you got 2 minutes to spare to talk to us this morning about your trip to the gym…” I couldn’t help but notice straight away that this lady had a microphone in her hand, headphones on her head and BBC RADIO BERKSHIRE on her jacket. This lady was indeed, Susanne Courtney – the roving Breakfast reporter for BBC Radio Berkshire. I could run away from her, but she looked too friendly!!

BBC Radio Berkshire are currently doing a campaign called “BBC Berkshire Big Tour” and are going to various places around the county and this week they are focusing on Lower Earley.

Susanne explained to me that they are identifying places that have high foot-fall at 7am and the gym was one that came out at the top of the podium…which for me, as a Fitness enthusiast and one passionate about people having an active lifestyle is great to hear!

Before I knew it and could even take my kit bag off my shoulder I was live on BBC RADIO BERKSHIRE breakfast show…have a listen by pressing the “Play” button below!

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