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Barnes Fitness Limited, Reading, is a friendly independent sports events management consultancy and triathlon coaching business owned and managed by wife and husband team Ellie Barnes and Ian Gosling. Browse through our website to find out more…

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Running around in circles….?

Do you ever get lost when training.....? I do....I have had to resort to Google Maps on my phone on more than one occassion, which doesn't always get me out of the woods as well as I had hoped!! Sally Perkins, a cross-country runner tells us her thoughts on how to avoid running around on circles with the help of a handheld GPS device; "I often like to go wherever my feet an [...]

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Returning to “normal”

The school holidays are now over which means lots of things get back to "normal"; traffic the number of "Out of Offices" you receive when you send an email the number of children playing in the playgrounds during the day parent's stress levels (or do they?!!) the weekly routine This has been my first school holidays where I have really appreciated the time that o [...]

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How do I train for my first triathlon…..?

Taking the plunge to do your first triathlon is AWESOME, but can be somewhat daunting... three sports + transition + lots of new words/terms... So let's break it down into small simple chunks: 1. SWIM – best advice for swimming is to get in a pool first and get comfortable swimming aerobically (without too much exertion/effort) for short intervals (i.e. 2 lengths) at time, h [...]

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Taking a dip in the Open Water……?

Swimming in the open water is so refreshing - and was just what the doctor ordered last week when the air temperature was 32 degrees!! So, what are my top tips for swimming in the open water, i.e. lake/river/sea: Find a lake near you that offers specific open water swimming sessions - ones near Reading that I have swum at are Dinton Pastures, Tri2O Swim Centre and Horsesho [...]

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